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As brand owners strive to create countless variations of products and product sizes to appeal to an increasingly option-hungry consumer base, run lengths for packaging jobs are beginning to trend smaller. In turn, brand owners are looking to packaging vendors for new application ideas that yield business results while more effectively managing the supply chain. Here at The Color Company we can reduce warehousing and obsolescence costs, adding value with variable data and infusing brand protection features.

With high quality print coupled with skilled finishing, we are called upon to produce packaging for luxury brands from prototyping and delivering personalised bespoke projects to producing highly specialised bid submission packaging for world leading infrastructure, utilities and creative agencies.

Digital production eliminates expensive setup costs and long lead times. Digital printing technology is transforming the packaging supply chain by delivering high reliability and premium quality while reducing costs. It’s also helping brand owners comply with sustainability and label regulations, and fulfil orders in flexible quantities. Satisfying demand for personalisation, versioning and brand protection.

Digital printing can help manufacturers deliver expanded product offerings to accommodate retail channel demands for specific product versions, and special or seasonal promotions on their packaging. The Color Company can deliver a genuine value added service solution, how can we help you?

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