The Color Company have partnered with the Woodland Trust to create new native woodland in the UK

The Color Company have partnered with the Woodland Trust to support the Jubilee Woods project and to help involve 3 million people in planting 6 million trees.

For every stationery order received, The Color Company will donate £5 to plant a tree for the Jubilee.

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity. We own and care for over 1200 woods, all of which are freely open to the public. The Trust’s key aim is to double native woodland cover by 2050. We also aim to protect existing ancient woodland and wildlife and want to inspire people to enjoy and value trees.

In tribute to Her Majesty, The Queen’s incredible 60-year Jubilee reign in 2012, the Woodland Trust plans to inspire millions of people to plant 6 million trees across the UK, creating a growing collection of woods, copses, spinneys and individual trees to form a living and lasting legacy for our children and grandchildren.

The UK is the least wooded country in Europe with just 12% woodland cover compared to an average of 44%. 60% of the population don’t have easy access to woodland, rising to 80% for those in deprived areas and 65% of children have never planted anything.

With Princess Anne as Patron, the Jubilee Woods project will help reforest the UK ensuring deprived communities are improved by tree planting. The project will also give more than one million children the chance to plant a tree.

The Color Company have committed to funding a fantastic 20 acres of new native woodland over the next 3 years – adding to the many associations connected with the company.

News Update: The Six Million Tree project has successfully been completed. A big thank you and a huge congratulations to the Woodland Trust and everyone who took part in reaching the target. But there’s so much more to be done! Visit the official website for more information..